Tiger Wolf, 2022  
A male pedestrian strolls down the street engrossed in his smartphone, simultaneously eating and idly bouncing a deflated ball he discovers during his walk. He appears indifferent to the apocalyptic scenery that surrounds him, resembling an aimless creature wandering through an abandoned metropolis.
The Last Fire, 2021  
The work features tall LED screens that showcase captivating video images of fire. These fiery visuals are enclosed within gleaming stainless steel beams, creating a mesmerizing contrast. Fire has been a crucial element of human evolution, providing us with the ability to cook food and create technology. The work explores the connection between fire, human progress, and the influence it has had on our modern society.
When Tigers Used to Smoke, 2021  
The video's image of a tiger delves into the boundary between animals and human perception, possibly examining how human intervention and technology impact the environment or how nature reclaims abandoned spaces. Ultimately, it prompts reflection on the complex relationship between humanity and nature.
The Lion in Motion, 2021  
The lioness in the video is fragmented into vertical pieces and misaligned to highlight her movement. The video explores whether certain movements can stimulate our inherent sense of communication.
Immortal Gene, 2020  
This multimedia installation explores the concept of death and family within the context of Confucian culture.
Unself Portrait, 2019  
Double Mirror The artist creates a fragmented gaze of their body by utilizing mirrors in the portrait. This challenges the traditional notion of a self-portrait as "I see myself seeing myself" because the self is estranged or non-existent, and instead awaits construction or imagination.
Double Mirror, 2019  
Double Mirror A woman's self-reflection in the mirror reveals a disparity between her imagined self and the reflected image. This prompts a questioning of her desires and the duality of her identity.
Terrestrial Locomotion, 2019  
Terrestial Locomotion Glass planes rotate to fracture light and shadows over time, creating a mesmerizing paradox of fragility and danger that immerses the viewer.
Mirror Organs, 2017  
32 robots perform together in synchronization between two interactive screens, creating a collective performance.
Stairway to Heaven, 2016  
A live video performance based on the Korean soap opera "Stairway to Heaven" (2003) examines the emotional structures of romance. Characters in a double love triangle make decisions based on relational situations rather than their own subjective will, reflecting the archetype of emotional structures in Asian soap operas.
ARMY: 600 Thousand Portraits, 2016  
The project portrays soldiers serving in mandatory military service and explores the paradoxical relationship between the individual and the collective. Through detailed depictions of bodily movements and emotions, the video captures how individuals become part of a collective body. The unnerving images convey how the individual body is entangled with the collective, highlighting its divisibility.
1.6 SEC., 2016  
The 2-channel video work portrays the perspectives of robots in a car factory, highlighting the conflict that arises from the different sense of time between machines and humans. The camera captures the lifelike movements of the robots, contrasting with the mechanical movements of the human factory workers on the assembly line.
DER SCHWEINFURTER "Der Schweinfurter" is a portrait that delves into the complex nature of spirituality through the lens of a single individual.
The Space Time Machine is an installation featuring a kinetic sculpture that produces live video feedback. The video captures the movements, refractions, and shadows of the machine, creating an ephemeral illusion of time, space, and materiality.
A DREAM OF IRON , 2014  
A Dream of Iron is a retrospective examination of South Korea's modernization history in the 1960s. During this era, the country underwent a significant economic transformation under the leadership of President Park Chung Hee, who sought to rebuild the nation after the devastating aftermath of the Korean War. The artwork serves as a depiction of the current state of the country, a reflection of a time when its citizens shared a common vision and aspirations for a new beginning.
Cheonggyecheon Medley is an artistic representation of the small industrial locality of Cheonggyecheon in Seoul. The installation draws inspiration from dream fragments and myths related to metal to shed light on the covert alchemy of third-world modernity in Cheonggyecheon, where outdated manual labor practices continue to persist.