<청계천 메들리> Cheonggyecheon Medley, 79 min., 2010 - Trailer


Cheonggyecheon Medley is a film that pays homage to the Cheonggye stream, a central waterway in Seoul that was transformed from a polluted rivulet under a freeway to a thriving urban recreation area with clear water, promenades, and greenery. The film explores the history of the area, including its role in the country's economic recovery after the Japanese occupation and Korean War, as well as the gentrification that now threatens the neighborhood. 

The film's focus, however, is on the people who work with metal in the area. Park's personal connection to the area, including a recurring nightmare and a letter to his deceased grandfather who ran a scrap metal business, adds depth to the documentary's exploration of the foundrymen, cutters, welders, and other metal workers. Through patient observation, Park reveals how the iron shapes the workers just as the workers shape the iron. Cheonggyecheon Medley is a landmark documentary that masterfully captures the intersection of history, industry, and humanity in an evolving urban landscape.



Pusan International Film Festival, Wide Angle Section, 2010
Seoul Independent Film Festival, Invitation, 2010
62th Berlinale, Forum, 2011
Seoul Independent Documentary Film & Video Festival, 2011
Hot Docs, Next Section, Canada, 2011
Planete Doc Film Festival, Poland, 2011
Open City London Documentary Film Festival, 2011
Los Angeles Film Festival, Documentary Competition, 2011