When Tigers Used to Smoke VIDEO |

"When Tigers Used to Smoke.", Public Video Installation, 6 min. loop, 2021, Documentation


The footage of the tiger shot in the local zoo is superimposed by graphics of a waveform monitor to create a simultaneous vision of impression and information. Video monitors can be deceiving and often work against you to make wrong color adjustments because our vision is subjective, even for a trained professional. Waveform monitor is used by video professionals to accurately determine color and light information and make adjustments to the video footage. Synchronicity and incongruity between video and its own information are superimposed to create a horizontal multi visionary image.

 Communication among mammals is indirect and always relies on a pre-learned and common signifier. Most animals rely on sound, bodily gestures and motion to communicate with each other. Development of language and technology flourished human civilization, but may have subdued our innate senses and animal instincts. If I want to communicate with animals, it would be better to imagine myself as an animal questioning my senses rather than to speak to anthropomorphised animals. I feel empathy towards certain animals, not because I think they are like human beings, but because I feel like an animal myself. 

Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, 2021