Terrestrial Locomotion  VIDEO | STILLS

<육상동작>/ "Terrestrial Locomotion ", Kinetic  Installation, Shanghai Museum of Glass, 2019, Documentation


The interplay between light and glass creates a mesmerizing and dynamic experience. As the kinetic sculptures rotate, they reflect and refract light, creating a constantly changing visual landscape. The fragility of glass is highlighted as viewers witness the delicate wings rotating and moving, seemingly defying the laws of gravity. At the same time, the danger of glass is emphasized by the possibility of shattering and breaking, reminding us of the inherent risks that come with manipulating such a material. 

Park's use of simple mechanics to create complex shapes also highlights the beauty of engineering and design. The bevel gear and motor, when combined with the fragile glass, produce an unexpected and captivating result. The sculptures become a testament to the beauty and intricacy of both nature and technology. 

Overall, the kinetic glass sculptures invite viewers to contemplate the relationship between fragility and danger, nature and technology, and light and vision.g the rotation of a motor into four different directions of left, right, up and down.