Double Mirror VIDEO | STILLS

<이중거울>/ "Double Mirror ", 4K Video, 13min , Shanghai Museum of Glass, 2019, Documentation

The dreamlike film was conceived during Park's research at the Shanghai Museum of Glass. Beauty and danger pertaining to the material of glass invoked the artist to make connections between glass and modern femininity. A woman looks at herself through the mirror to find reflection different from her imagination of who she is. The reflected image questions the duality of her desires, who she is and who she imagines her to be. The bitterness of life is unavoidable as she faints at the sight of her own blood. As she walks through the mirror maze, she falls deeper into the quagmire of the mechanism of the self gaze, looking and being looked at. Park’s previous examination of iron as a masculine material pertaining both fragility and strength is expanded with his examination of the feminine. Within the enclosed circuit, Park’s vision of the multiplicity of modern individuality reveals itself.